“All the buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can’t see.” – Mark Nepo

I know what it’s like to sit around and suffer for years knowing internally your creative work is dying to get out. I also know what it’s like to hold onto many things such as fears, doubts, anxiety, and worry, all of which keep one blocked from creating our hearts desire. Whether it is a painting or a poem, a dance or a song, a long-held dream or desire, it can be stifled by these internal aspects.

I also know that nobody does it alone.

There have been many guides and teachers along my path. Many moments of insight, some painful, some joyful. Some that have created deep insights beyond what words can describe.

We all know that the world needs more creativity, imagination and playfulness. What I don’t think we all know, is that we deserve to feel the excitement, joy and pleasure creation and life brings. We forget that art and creativity have the ability to heal the human spirit and foster and support new ideas. That creativity is our birthright.

When we’re blocked, frightened, nervous, and holding onto  the weight of the world, we are essentially staring at a dead end.

I want to help you repair and rebuild the road back to your soul.

I combine my knowledge and expertise through intuitive and energetic skills. I combine creativity coaching training, with extensive shamanic and energetic training, all the while remembering my own personal struggle and understanding, in turn to help my clients return to themselves and their art/creations.

Through humor, authenticity, compassion and a deep understanding of what it means to come back to life from the depths of darkness, I seek to bring my clients into coherence with their own soul’s desire, and help them return back to living a colorful, creative, and artful life.

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