Creations Dreaming is a place for creativity, freedom and expression. It is a place for sensitive souls, healers, artists, poets, creators, heretics, and outliers. In a sense it is a CALL to remember and it is a way to be supported through these changing times. It is a place to discover, uncover and rediscover yourself. It’s a place where dreams are supported, where healing is the norm, and where understanding is derived and gained from turning to face the Self, all aspects of the Self.

As we work to heal ourselves on an individual level, we work to heal the collective. As we begin to uncover, we begin to discover, and rediscover the inherit truth, that we are all connected, and there is no separation.

Creations Dreaming beckons us all, myself included, to remember the sanctity of all life. It relies heavily on stepping into the unknown, dropping what we think we know, and turning to face the sun, which ultimately lies deeply within ourselves.

If you are ready to answer the call, we are here.