“Lunar Eclipse” Despacho created in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.


Many would say that Natalie Dadamio has spent much of her life in the ‘Twilight Zone’. First, having shared Rod Serling’s hometown of Binghamton, New York, and second, for being a free spirit, wild at times, with a proclivity for questioning authority, and the status quo.

Like other professionals, Art, and the energy of creating have always held a special place in Natalie’s life, both externally, and internally. Yet, as most of us have experienced, there are aspects of our “reality” which seem to be in direct conflict with our inner desires. Before we even realize it, roadblocks appear that discourage us from the pursuit of our artistic passions. Natalie is no stranger to this idea, and for many years that beautiful, creative, expressive energy within in her was suppressed.

Natalie has lived a roller coaster of a life and has seen and done many things most people wouldn’t believe. It is these extraordinary moments, the painful and the joyous, that in the beginning contributed to the suppression, and then ultimately have brought her full circle back to the act of creating Art.

Nine years ago, Natalie stepped onto a path of healing for her body, mind, and spirit. Since the beginning of that endeavor, she has spiraled deeply back to herself, her art, and connected with her souls calling.

Today, it is obvious that this journey was essential for Natalie. It brought her the revelation that not only is her Art path crucial for her own expression, and a catalyst for her own growth, but it unlocked a passion for helping others to discover or rediscover their own inherit magic.

Natalie now combines a synthesis of her lived experiences, her trainings and her own personal understandings in order to help others live their most creative, artful, and free lives. Through her Art she creates openings for herself and others in order to receive new insights into what is possible not only in creating Art, but for the evolution of the human spirit.

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